Scam report about Alena Sergeevna Rudakova

First name:  Alena
Last name:  Sergeevna Rudakova
Age:  35
Location:  russia otenburg
Phone:  0079093674022
On websites:  klick to match
Report:  this lady has written me on the site klick to match and the second mail she gave me already her own emailsddres we have emailed for about 2 months rhen suddenly i mist go to Russia orenburg 2 days later she wrote me that she have a nice surprise for me and that she will come to my home were i live but she has not enough money to come over she had 430 euro and trip was 1080 euro so 650 short.she has told me that she was going to the russian ambassy to get a pasport and the traveling tickets and send coppies from the documents to me,so that i can pay for the remaning 650 euro ofcourse i did not do that because she makes mistakes in her mails its all written in the dutch language with a tough of russian hahahaha and she makes more mistakes one mail was written to me in german oeps sorry so be ware of Alena Sergeevna Rudakova ore ore milka on the site klick to match she is fake

Status of report:  is still without proof

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