Scam report about Shannon Williams

First name:  Shannon
Last name:  Williams
Age:  25
Location:  Manchester / Preston UK
Report:  I met this person about 2 years ago on a general chat site (unfortunately now unknown )We chatted casually for a few months. Then she told me that she had to get out of Manchester as her previous boyfriend was going to kill her. I suggested if she wanted to come to Belfast Northern Ireland, I would help her sort her life out. She said she would be very grateful but she had debts to pay before she came and could not afford to pay the fare. I asked her how much she needed and she said about ?500 which I said I would consider but I needed more details. As she asked me to send direct to her bank account which was sort code 20-69-85 which when checking was the sort code for Barclays Bank Preston Her account number is 43776972 I thought that was proof that she was genuine. So I transferred the money. Then she told be that the bank has used the money to pay accounts she owed and would need more money. I have since sent more money but now she will not answer my emails or Skype even though I see her logging on to Skype every day.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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