Scam report about mona lopez

First name:  mona
Last name:  lopez
Age:  35
Location:  ny, chicago,nigeria,yemen
Phone:  6465689760
On websites:  was on facebook is on viper and skype wad on okcupid and has military address
Report:  Facebook pictures updated to us army female NGO. Stolen pictures reported of us army female non commissioned officer Mona Lopez staff sergeant. Pictures given were said to be taken in Yemen but flag is on soldier uniform from Afghanistan. Aunt received money from me from Chicago address and she has no picture showing herself with her so called niece when asked. Elaborate scam found artifacts during raid needed to be moved. Even Turkish agents who move items involved in organized crime in this stolen artifacts case which is really a romance scam.found Emil asking for money copied directly about military needing to move artifacts. Taliban not al qaeda alerted me to the fact this is all made up. It is mainly all Qaeda in Yemen. Facebook was notified and the pics were removed with profile Mona Lopez from Brooklyn NY. I used read and traced the email opened in Nigeria. The scammer said they masked emails so they cannot be located.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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