Scam report about Fatos Kilic

First name:  Fatos
Last name:  Kilic
Age:  30
Location:  Tbilissi
Address:  Marabde 24
On websites:  hotmail
Report:  Promises me the world and even more but is only asking for money to come to my land. As it was said before, never answer directly to questions and when I sent her copies of messages (same as mine or quasi equals) from Simon and others, she only answered that she has been tricked. Sometimes feels being reliable sometimes not. She is only asking for help and money. As I told her that she does not need money but that I sign a document accepting all charges relative to her visa and travel she did not want to believe me. Does she knows better the laws than I ? Tried once or twice to phone me but spoke french, when I asked her she said she only speak Georgian and English ????

Status of report:  is still without proof

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