Scam report about Meera 

First name:  Meera
Age:  32
Location:  Ghana, plus says she was born in and came from the U.K.
On websites:  Emails then hangouts
Report:  Ok, this one was too much and too fun at the same time trying to convince me she was who she was in the pictures sent, saying that other women had or are stealing her pictures and using them, but only about a month ago, someone by the name Jessica Bruce used theses pics and after doing some research on google plus, there's many men who have notes about being dooped by this Jessica w/ these pictures plus the pictures reviled that there a woman model/porn model named Rita Gary, and born right here in the states..! Then this person (try never say woman unless you know it's a woman with a dick or hermaphrodite) but back to reality, the first thing is I know many from such places in Africa they move to other countries in search for a better life but not go from the U.K. To Ghana to live, this is like a reversal of fortune as they call it, then second (hopefully they get published) the other photos to prove herself saying one with a wealthy businessman from the U.K. But can not say his name, yet I'm sure his names in print in the same places these scammers get their pics from or if she (fuck he for that matter) is this person, how freaking hard is it to say this man name is that your posing with..! Dah.. let me see, I have four fingers, two thumbs wow ten digits on my hands..! As much fun as these stupid fucking bush bunny spear chucking scammers are, it does get old or at least challenge me in this game, keep me on my (I believe ten) toes, I'm only doing this game so they get published and caught at their own game at least till the law goes into effect with The FBI and IC3 to go after ALL internet fraud, money laundering and internet terrorist and that's exactly what this is..! If any scams money from anyone cause financial break down its as if one pulls the trigger..! My words, quote me on that..!!!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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