SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Iryna Shynkarenko

First name: Iryna
Last name: Shynkarenko
Aka: Iry_shy
Age: 24
Location: Ukraine, Kharkov
Address: Kashyrska, Building 12, flat 85, Kharkiv city
Phone: +380509469594
On websites: Seeking Arrangement
Report:     Iryna initiated contact with me on the website 'seeking arrangement in beginning of December 2016. Hern first request was for 120USD for making a Schengen visa. Claimed the money did not reach her account because it was converted to Euros. Sent her 200 EUR via Monegram.She gave me info about her bank account and how to contact the bank. After many messages on WhatsApp we decided that she should come to Vilnius to visit me on 19th January 2017 staying until 23rd. I sent her a ticket, and then she told me her mum got sick (asthma) and was hospitalized, she asked for money for medicaments. On the 19th she sent a message from the airport saying that immigration had withheld her as she did not have insurance and hotel reservation. So, she missed the plan she said. She then told me that she bought a new ticket for 80 USD for the next morning. She asked for more money as her friend was to take care of her mother while she was away. I sent another 200 USD via Monegram on the 20th. On the 20th in the morning I got a Message that she didn't make the plane because the taxi was not quick enough because of snow. I told her that I suspected she was scamming me. Did not receive any answer.
Status of report: is still without proof