Scam report about Joana Mensah

First name:  Joana
Last name:  Mensah
Aka:  Joana Mensah
Age:  35
Location:  Accura, Ghana; Los Angeles, California, USA; Alantic City, Georgia, USA
Address:  Unknown Now
Phone:  Unknown
On websites:  Match .com
Report:  I met Joana orifinally four years ago when she lived in Accura, Ghana. I sent hermoney to fly to Canada, however I was notified she was in a serious motor vehicle accident and needed $2500 dollars for her care. I stopped chatting at this point. Three years later I received a Text message from her friend Doris whom originally was flirting with me until I said I knew Joana Mensah. She told me her friend Joana missed me. Next thing Joana texts me and wants to come to Canada. She told me she now lives with her Auntie in California. She sends me a document saying she owns a multi- million dollar diamond, which her father left her in his will. She asked for money to get it out of storage in a security building. I said no and then she asked me to fly her to Canada again. She said I needed to pay for her passport update, flight insurance and her flight. Joana asked me to send the money to her friend Doris's fiancee who would make all the arrangements. Doris's fiancee's name was Dean Findley, who lived in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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