Scam report about Valeriy, Lerok,Lera, Leruska, Valeria, Lerochka, L

First name:  Valeriy, Lerok,Lera, Leruska, Valeria, Lerochka, L
Last name:  unknown
Aka:  Lerok,Lera, Leruska, Valeria, Lerochka, Luria, Lerka, Valerik.
Age:  35
Location:  Pavlovsk, Russia
Address:  Voronezh region
Phone:  3609099278
Email:  Nice Lera On websites:  agency of acquaintances?
Report:  The first letter was a group email Phishing for any response. Russian scammers seem to have my email information. I assume winter season is a new crop of scammers. Because they must be inside more often. In the summer and fall they seem to fade away. I responded as usual still hoping for a truly relationship searching individual. As the 5 letters progressed there were clues that were obvious that this was leading to a scam eventually. I told her in my first letter I would look her up on She didn't stop until I was sent a duplicate letter a week later. I told her That is a forgetful scammers mistake. Who cannot keep up with the communication of her other scam attempts. I stopped communication then found her here today.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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