Scam report about Evgeniia 

First name:  Evgeniia
Age:  33
Location:  Rybinsk , Russia
Phone:  +79056325291
Report:  We had lots of love letters through several months. Seem promising actually. She was quite beautiful. Seemed sincere too. But then suddenly she gave me her phone # and would not answer. She had my phone number and did not call. No skype or other more current APPS could she use for communication. This was too suspicious. Then came the scam attempt. Only having a short time for her vacation and had to go to Moscow to get her documents, etc. With no acknowledgement of my timeline or responding about my traveling concerns. Or my ability to coordinate time off when she is in the USA. No response to my concerns at all. Them she was short of the money for airline tickets. Suddenly not counting the cost of some $2000.00 dollars after her journey to Moscow. When I hear this I shake my head once more..another scam for sure. Complete to the last Picture of a more desirable nature. I don't think there are any women from Russia that are on the internet that are there for any other reason then to perpetuate a romance scam. Sadly.....

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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