Scam report about Lydia 

First name:  Lydia
Age:  30+
Location:  Ghana
Email: &
On websites:  Hangouts, like always
Report:  Just another scammer using a picture of someone who doesn't even live in Africa nor close, I believe they call it the Altaic ocean that separates her (the woman in picture) from being over in that land..! But okay now back to report, this picture used is a nude/porn woman from states, I've already read other men stories of how a Jessica Bruce has used these photos with this Jessica used on me too trying to get banking information on me plus after such dealings two other women used these many pictures of women and tried so hard to convince me they were really this person, I'll tell you get Internet access to a country a third world and they go wild at learning how to make a quick buck for there lazy ass.! I guess if we didn't have them, then we'd have no entertainment..! Oh it just tickles me..hahahaha

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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