Scam report about Diana Sincere

First name:  Diana
Last name:  Sincere
Age:  32
Location:  Ghana
Address:  Marcos, Texas
On websites:  Hangouts
Report:  Okay, here we go again...again another one contacted me to my email saying got MY PROFILE off don't know how cause I never signed up (but we'll get back to that) she said she was from Texas then to Ghana were daddy in accident then dead and etc like always, now the part were I told her to fuck off in nice way, she/he using photos of a woman who others reported on this site under two different names and I too have reported on under a person (not really a person or human just scum of earth) named laura smith, I don't need to do picture reversing or what not cause when you see people of either different names using same photos, that a scam of who they are and if you can't be real like showing true identity even with whatever excuses you want to use, your simply a fucking SCAMMER, for your benefit, now back to the part at beginning were I said I never signed up for that dating site, my future if dating sites are selling my information and I'm getting scammers they are causing interference in my peaceful life.. I got lawyers for this...second a lot comes from gmail accounts and if Google doesn't want to step and put an end to this shit, then it's time to make them responsible for these actions...third, being that we now have a businessman not a politician for president Mr Donald J Trump and he's against terrorist to the fullest, then it time to submit that we're now needing to fight internet terrorism, that's simply what this is, INTERNET TERRORISM, I've never seemed out these people on internet and after many everyday getting from multi million dollar inheritance and lotto scam letters to romance scam letters, will it's time to offer my assistance at free of charge of going after such ones of

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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