Scam report about Tatiana 

First name:  Tatiana
Aka:  Tanya
Age:  29
Location:  Mariypol, Ukraine
On websites:
Report:  It's nice to meet you again xxxxxxxxxxx and know more about your personality! Don't you mind???) I am here for ONLY for true and respective long term relations , which can change our both lives in better way. I hope we are looking for the same?Please no fun or waste of time! I will remind you about myself) My name is Tatiana or you can call me just Tanya , I am 29 years old and I am at mature age to create a family. I live in Ukraine. If you don't mind, please write , what do you like in place where you live? I will be glad to know more about you and your life through mails. In such way, it will more comfortable for both of us to understand, if we have something common. Ok? Tell me about yourself. Have you been married? What do you expect of your new relations? Don't forget about your photos, because they are the reflection of your way of life, right?) Want to know more!) Please don't ignore my letter. Even, if you are not interested in me, let me know about it, because I will be waiting any of your answer. With best regards, Tanya Hello My Dear xxxxxxxxxxxxx !!!! Nice to meet you! It is pleasure for me to find your photos! Your are attractive man and it is interesting for me to know what is surrounding you)Please keep sending me your nice photos! Thank you very much for such wonderful words about me. It is especially pleasant to hear it from such a man as you))You know what women want to hear!Happy to know that you are also interested in relations and we can know each other better now. I am sure that correspondence is the way to understand, if people are match and serious enough to develop the relations.I am not going to lose my time also, so I am here not for playing games for sure!I am only for serious relations! Please don't forget to answer my questions and read my letters, because I am here not for Copy and Paste letters! Do you understand me that I don't want to waste time?! I am real and for real, so I hope you are ALSO serious enough, because it depends, if we would continue our communication or not! OK??? SO, As you know that my name is Tatiana or just short Tanya. I am 29 years old ( 16.03.1987) Age is just a number. And it can not say anything about the person, so even don't think about it as about the problem!) I am mature and ready for serious relations. IF you are also interested: my height is 170 cm weighs 57 kg. also measurements are: 91-65-90 cm.. bra size is ?-D. I live in small town near Mariypol, its Ukraine) Do you know my region? Do you like traveling? Active or just relaxing vocation? I work, as a receptionist in beauty salon for women. I love cooking, what do you like to eat? What kind of cuisine do you prefer? At my photo you can see, how I am practicing my skills cooking at home!) I am active woman, adore pets and other animals, very close with my Friend Lena since my parents died. I was not in relation, because I had to look after my ill parents and had no time for personal private life. Now I live alone. I respect family traditions and values. I am honest, have sense of humor, love dresses and high heels, enjoy summer time , like swimming and dancing) I am searching for the relations based on honesty and sincerity, which mean a lot in serious relations, which I am looking for. I want my man to be my best friend with whom I can have fun. I want my man to be my passionate lover with whom we can spend hot nights. I want my man to be careful, who would not leave me in trouble and would keep me saved. Can it be possible? I am not the woman, who can only receive, but I have a lot, what I can give to my the only one!!!!! Please write me back soon! With regards, Tatiana Hello my Dear xxxx, I am feeling much more better looking at your new photos!You have attracted me so much!! I hope you were missing me also, like I did:) Frankly speaking, I couldn't imagine that our communication could attract me so much. Ally, I owe you for this wonderful feeling! So should be proud of such a big family)) I imagine how it is wonderful to gather all your relatives at the one table on holidays. You are so lucky! I am so excited reading that you are travelling a lot! It is my great dream to see the world near my beloved man! I am fond of traveling! I cook really wonderful!I still think that woman have to stay a woman even if she is at the kitchen. I will try not just for your stomach but for your eyes also) I appreciate that you answered my questions) It was interesting to know what you are looking for here) If you want to ask me, why I have never been married in my 29, the answer that I couldn't leave my parents, because of their illnesses. I have strong family principals and I think, it is big advantage of my character. Now, when they passed away, I keep only bright memories about them. They left house for me , so I do my best to save it, take care about it and keep paying for all services. As you see that I am self confident person, but without good man near I feel big emptiness in my heart. Our communication is filling it up and I feel not alone. Our communication mean a lot for me, and I value you opinion,xxxx. What is your attitude that I don't know English and use help of translators? I hope it doesn't bother you too much, because when I see other couples, who met in the Internet and speak different languages , I understand that language and distance is not a barrier for real love. Do you agree, xxxx? With full heart:) Your Tatiana Hello My Dear xxxx!!! You can't imagine, how I was looking for you letter. Our communication set fire in my heart and I wait for your letters with big excitement. Even my employers say that I am very active and smile more last days. Thank you so much that you give me inspiration and prove that we can create true and honest relations with the help of Internet. Our communication mean a lot for me and now I am sure that our achievements even more stronger then other couples have. By the way, I like your new photos again! I like you more and more)) My Dear,why you didn't write me your attitude that I almost don't know English and use help to communicate with you? it is very important for me to know your opinion? I can not use Google Electronic translator or Write in Russian. For this thing I would need to have the Internet and computer,right?) Did you read that I don't have it? it is the only reason for me to be in touch to use help of agency Internet presented me hope that I can find close person and when I communicate with you, I feel much more better. The words which I tell you are very important and I value the meaning of them. I just want to say that it is not fleeting passion which appeared between us, I am really serious with my intentions. I want to live for man and for myself, I want to see the world, to share my new emotions with my the only one. I dream to sit in some park, hold your hand and just feel happy. xxxxxx, do you want to be happy too with me? There are a lot of problems which can face to us, but I am ready to overcome all of them. We should not lose hope, because when you are looking for something and do your best you will overcome difficulties. Relations are not easy process and everything happens, but when you fall in love, there is nothing better when your love is mutual and you don't care about other problems. Love is worth of being fight for.... Your faithfully Tatiana Hello my Sweetheart xxxxx!!!! You can not imagine how much I miss you here. It is difficult to imagine how a person can become so dear for such short period of time. I feel so lonely since my parents passed away. I don't want to stay alone anymore. Relations are not easy process and everything happens, but when you fall in love, there is nothing better when your love is mutual and you don't care about other problems. Love is worth of being fight for.... What do you think? I dream about after our first meeting and when we finally get a chance to be alone.That we are standing and holding hands and I am giving you soft romantic kisses and we both just melt together where we are standing. This is just one of many dreams and thoughts that I have about us.The rest I will share with you when we are together.What is one of your dreams that you have about us when you go to sleep? What are some of your plans for our first meeting?? I really want to make it possible, but how to save the connection? You know that I pay for the translation of our letters and it is rather expensive for my level of live((( I am here alone and need to pay for the apartment having no Internet at home, which would help me to refuse from the agency... What I can do? Can you help me not to lose each other?! Please don't disappear. I trust you and don't want to be hurt and be forgotten or lost! I need you, Dear xxxxx! DO you need me too??? I will be dreaming of you all night tonight.Have a wonderful day and I can't wait to hear from you. Your Tatiana xxxxx,I am real person, if you don't believe me - it is better not to write at all. I am here not for wasting time and proving something! I am here to find my soul mate!I explained you the situation and why I am not able to continue paying for our communication. I am very sorry, but I did my best. Ok. I didn't ask you anything. I just explained the reason. wish you all best.

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