Scam report about Brianna 

First name:  Brianna
Age:  ?
Location:  ?
Email:  ?
On websites:  ?
Report:  Report Brianna This seems to be a new tactic of some scammers, I have several here to investigate further using the same MO to confuse the dating pages and also victims. Brianna is an Tumbir client and has an account at My Cloud Date in that name, I hardly think that with her looks she would need to go to a dating site and therefore someone is scamming using Brainna Hayes photos. She has made no contact with me as is unlikely to as it seems that I am now blocked at My Cloud Date as well as Ok cupid. Strange, I have committed no errors at either site, It seems that these sites prefer scammers on their books to genuine people. Submitted for your perusal and decisions as I have several more supermodels who are using the same tactics.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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