Scam report about Caren MENDELSOHN

First name:  Caren
Last name:  MENDELSOHN
Age:  38
Location:  Australia, Maitland, NSW
Phone:  0478127724 or +61478127724
On websites:  Ashley Madison
Report:  Contact initiated by Caren on Ashley Madison website. She used the name: Comehome4me Her profile has now been removed from Ashley Madison site. Corresponded via gmail from 7 Feb 2017 to 16 Feb 2017. She sought all the information she could about me and my family, work, habits etc. She divulged very little about herself except she was a 38 year old widow with a 3 year old daughter. She attached 5 pictures of herself including one with the supposed daughter. None of these pics showed up as scams in Tineye or Google image search. Hence I was reasonably comfortable it wasn't a scam. Some of her spelling was wrong which is often indicative of scammers from Ghana or Nigeria. She did not request money. However today she claimed she wanted to make sure I was a real person and demanded I email her a pic of my drivers licence and passport. Foolishly I did this but I blotted out my age on both. She then requested my Medicare card but I refused and she started getting nasty. She ignored my requests for more pics of herself but she did send through a fake Medicare card with her name endorsed on it in fake manner. It would appear the scammer was trying to assemble information for ID theft. She claimed to be a Control Supervisor for a company called Oil & Gas Au4tralia. Google search revealed no such company. My phone calls to her stated phone number did ring but went to a message bank. She later told me on Hangouts to stop ringing her. Unfortunately I have deleted the Hangouts discussions but I still have the emails and pics.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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