Scam report about Dilara Gusainova

First name:  Dilara
Last name:  Gusainova
Aka:  Dila
Age:  30
Location:  Azerbaijan Astara
On websites:  Unkown
Report:  She contacted me. Certainly a different one. Claims to be Muslim, born in Malaysia and moved to Azerbaijan when her parents divorced. Step father trying to arrange a marriage for her she does not want. Writes very long letters with many questions. Claims she is a 30 YO virgin LOL. Will not have sex until she is married. I tell her I am separated but still married. Does not comment on that. A couple of letters ( letter 14 ) later she want to come to me, does not want to wait any longer to have sex. Describes in great detail all the sex acts anyone could have, learned about them from a book LOL. Of course she does not have enough Money for the trip. Says here country has a law that airline tickets must be purchased in her country or she will not be allowed to leave. Gives me travel agent in her city that I am to sent the money to, fully guaranteed, oh sure heard thar one before. LOL.: I never contacted the agent. I stopped writing her. She contacted me wondering what is going on. She finally gave up and stopped writing.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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