Scam report about Rachael Antwiwaa

First name:  Rachael
Last name:  Antwiwaa
Aka:  Angel
Age:  28
Location:  Ghana
Email:  ?
On websites:  Google
Report:  Some months ago I sent several reports about different girls who were conspiring with a guy named Kwaku Poku in a small town in Ghana. The report numbers are 64281 / 64701 /64281 and another report about a girl named Nana, sadly I was never given this report number. Although he knows that I have reported him on all these occasions he is still determined to scam me, lol. Yesterday I received a facebook friend request from another girl, Racheal Antwiwaa who also uses the name Angie Rashida, she is 27 years old and a Muslim. She told me that Kwaku Poku had given her my name, later that day Poku called me at whatsapp and told me he had given a nice Muslim girl my mail address, he told me she was very sexy. I went to her facebook account and found that she was born on the25th of May 1989. We started to chat at facebook and then moved hangouts. Within a few sentences she told me she loved me and that I wasn?t too old for her as she was 27 years old, lol. She told me her birthday was on the 2nd of December past and then on the 8th of February asking me send her a present, 3 birthdays a year this lucky girl. I feel sorry for this young innocent but she?s a scammer and with Poku?s training will try again.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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