Scam report about Lybov Boiyko

First name:  Lybov
Last name:  Boiyko
Age:  32
Location:  ul. Armory, 32, Tula, Tul., 300028
Address:  300028
On websites:  
Report:  This is the scam so far she now wants money Help me find out more about this person : Already I said to you that I have to acquire air tickets in Russia. Today I have also visited bank. Never earlier I faced it. The bank has explained to me that in the World there are many systems for money transfer. MoneyGram the most reliable and economic way of transfer of money. We can use MoneyGram that you could transfer money and I have acquired air tickets. Now I will tell you information which is necessary for you that you could give me the help. Russia, Moscow, BANK URALSIB, Volgogradsky Avenue, 47. Index 109518, my full name Lybov Boiyko. After transfer of money, you will be given the receipt about transfers. Please send me her copy, it will be easier for me to receive money in bank with the receipt which the employee after transfer will give you... Execution of the visa difficult process. Not to each girl can issue the visa to arrival in your country. Already my visa is in process of registration. I am glad that I managed to begin process of execution of the visa. I hope that soon we with you will be together. I have very much got tired today.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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