Scam report about Anita Otti

First name:  Anita
Last name:  Otti
Age:  35?
Location:  Accura
Email:  anitaottilove@gmail
On websites:  facebook, google hangout
Report:  She contacted me via facebook friend request. Started in early Feb. Was casual at first ten went to where she needed money for meds. 100.00 I sent her 50.00. Went thru western union to a guy named Christian the hotel mgr. She said she was there to close her late fathers estate. She said she was from Leeds England. She said I could have proceeds of inheritance if I would send here money to get to US when it was transferred to me. The bank was Access Bank Ghana. The bank requested 3600.00 +or- dollars to be sent to them to their attorney who was to oversee transaction. His name was Owusu Chamber. After I paid money I would receive the inheritance???????

Status of report:  is still without proof

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