Scam report about fatash awudu

First name:  fatash
Last name:  awudu
Age:  unknown
Location:  Ghana, Africa
On websites:  Facebook, Hangouts
Report:  I was contacted through facebook by the scammer. She originally said she was from NJ and currently lived in Ghana. She asked if she could chat and get to know me better and ofcourse I said yes from her profile pic. I knew something was up when she started telling about her living situation in Ghana and how horrible it was. I told her a few things about myself as normal but it was not any secret. She started within the first 20 minutes saying she loves me. If that's not a red flag. I thought maybe i had like a penpal but she wanted to initiate romance. LOL. She sent me some pics of her and I was impressed but the time the first chat(which lasted about 2 hours) was over she wanted to marry me and I needed to help her with a passport and flight ticket. I politely ended the chat and went searching for scams from Ghana. Well there you go I seen her pic on the site but wearing different close. The next day she started hitting me up on hangouts and I played along a little. Then I asked her to send me a selfie of her at that moment and she told me her camera wasn't working and she had to wait for a friend to use their phone. Red Flag again. lol. She sent me a pic hours later of her in a bath towel finished with a shower and wet hair. The only odd thing is she had all the makeup on. Red Flag once again. after I said goodnight I immediately blocked her on facebook and hangouts so she cannot contact me again. I did not get suckered in paying anything because no pretty face is worth it. LOL

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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