Scam report about Anna Aleshina

First name:  Anna
Last name:  Aleshina
Age:  27
Location:  Penzenskaya area 440008 Penza
Address:  Pushkina 11-79
Phone:  did not have phone
On websites:  no websides, gmx mail
Report:  Same like all outer her, Anna told me after any E-Mails she loves me and want to meet me in Germany. Sho do not whant tha I will come to her. Anna told me that she need's money for the tickets. ------ As I already informed you, the agent has asked to pay the remained sum. Today I have informed the agent: I will pay, on wednesday or on thursday. Lovely, try tomorrow or after tomorrow, to help me for payment of air tickets. To make transfer, you need to go to the bank, which is any of these offices - Western Union, Money Gram, Ria transfer, Unistream or Contact. But, you can transfer money without even visiting the bank. You need only visit in internet , official site, the money transfer system. Bank employee advised me to use the system: Contact or Money Gram. He said that - this is the most convenient and safe way to transfer money. So you can not worry. I again and again, re-read him. Yes, I understand your fears, that you can deceive. Means you have no full trust to me. It is insulting for me because I trust you. Though we did not meet in the person never. But I have no opportunity to find such money. All my friends and familiar have no such money. I went to bank and tried to take the credit, but to me have given up in the credit because I leave russia and according to the manager of bank I have no guarantees to pay then my credit. It has upset me very much. My parents, already have a bank debt. Therefore the bank too has denied assistance to them! Now all your and my dreams will be destroyed only because I have no money. Think, if I had money I would not ask you about the help!? You really worry about our joint future. But now we have only two variants. The first - we when we can not meet and it is bad, because my heart again will be broken. I did not tell to you when, but I loved once one man strongly very much, but he deceived me and met other women. he liked to drink vodka. And in a result he has thrown me! My heart has been broken. I could not reconcile to it during one year, it was hurt me on soul and bad. But now I have understood, that I was possible has again found my love, but money solve all. I hate money because now everyone solve only money. And if the person has money he can make everything and if the person has no money he cannot make that. But for me money not the main thing. But without money I cannot arrive to you and except for you to me not to whom to help with money. If not will trust me, all right. I leave the option to you! I want that you listened only to the heart. Variant of the second. If you decide to send money I shall come to you. And it is possible we shall be happy up to the end of our lives. I shall not speak more about money. I want that you have decided that you to do. But please make a correct choice. But if you decide to not send money I shall understand you it is your choice and a choice of each any person is solved correct.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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