Scam report about Kristen Griest

First name:  Kristen
Last name:  Griest
Age:  37
Location:  Dong, South Korea
Email:  ?
On websites:  ?
Report:  Report Kristen Griest Interesting one this is! Kristen Griests profile was sent to me by Chinese Dating. Kristen was one of the 1st women to pass her training for The Rangers, it seems that at Chinese Dating she is Bi-sexual which is beside the point but I find her all over the net dating sites with different ages in some cases. She comes up registered in that name as a scammer at Daniel Hurtig. Her locations are World Wide, from Syria to South Korea and her dating profiles are the same, World Wide. I have found her on dating sites in Russia and North Korea and I hardly think that the Rangers would allow this, For this reason I am submitting her as a scammer for your perusal and decisions.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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