Scam report about Patricia / Brittie Curry / Palmar

First name:  Patricia / Brittie
Last name:  Curry / Palmar
Age:  30s
Location:  big bear ca
On websites:  hangouts gmail
Report:  This is Brittie Palmar and she go by this name too ? Partita Curry? I meet her on a web site can?t remember witch one. She took 800$ from me, She clamed to be a model and in order to date with her in person you need to pay a deposit before you can, well that the start of it because after making the deposit she tell you that now you need to pay more. This part I just talk about took place a year ago, below is are is are conversation going back a mouth of two, I started talking to her again so I could this conversation so I turn this to you guys. She a scammer, shes using the name Brittie Palmar when I frist meet her and shes using Patricia Curry now . In this or the above is the real Brittie Palmar that was a porn star. She uses the email address is, there are other s that clam the same thing on goggle

Status of report:  is still without proof

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