Scam report about Aria Giovanni

First name:  Aria
Last name:  Giovanni
Aka:  Emelia Gyimah, Lilia Petrovskaya, Emprez
Age:  39
Location:  Kumasi, Ghana 00233
Address:  Kumasi Ghana 00233 via Western Union
Phone:  233507719082
Report:  Late on the evening of March 31, I get a call on Skype from a girl that calls herself Lady Annhs, I answered, said hello, she says hello, then wants me to send her airtime, I asked her for what... she goes on to say so we make love on webcam. I told her I did not have Western Union credit card, she asks if I can send her money the next day, then her cam comes on and she removes her top, she is bra less, with large breasts, she goes on to say she wants to know me more, she said she was from Canada visiting her family for a few weeks in Ghana. she then said that she is looking for her loved one, soul mate, someone to be with forever, now, the time she is typing to me, she is playing with her large breasts, she talks a little more, then removes panties. she does a little show with her body, comes back and types to me she wishes she was with me, she said she was sad because I was on cell phone, but she kept the show going, then asks for 150.00 usd for better airtime and she said she will make me very happy, she just wanted to keep showing her body, and tell me how much she wanted to suck my dick, then she says she cannot help it she needs to keep showing me her pussy and wants to be with me, not for the money, but she loves me. she said she is ready to be with me now if I am willing to help her with passport, and papers and money. then she swears I am only man she shows herself she love me, at that point, it was late, she said she was tired, we disconnected. Saturday, she called me two times, I did not answer, Sunday she called again, I did not answer, Sunday afternoon, she calls again I answered, she tells me how much she misses me, she very worried I not answer her calls, she wishes we living together, then she asks about money, the sooner she gets it, the sooner she can do things to her body for me, and tells me what she wants in real when she comes to me, and she wants to meet with travel agency so I can help her come to the U.S. and also wants a smart cell phone so she can send only me nude photos of herself many times a She expects a number from Western Union for her in her email on Monday, so she can collect 150.00 from me. I have read some reports about her, she is very dangerous woman, a liar, a true scammer, and has her own online site, this woman needs to be in jail for what she has scammed out of men that she has lied to.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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