Scam report about Olga Matvienko

First name:  Olga
Last name:  Matvienko
Age:  30
Location:  Zaporozhye region, Ukraine
Address:  old boulevard 42,44 Melitopol city
Phone:  380676464558
On websites:  Anastatia Date
Report:  I received an email from a girl I talked with June of 2016, she was on Anastasia Date site, she came on strong while on the site, wanting my email address so we could talk off site. I gave her the address, we talked a few days, I noticed she still on the site very often even though she said she was not, she was with her little girl, her mails kept coming, she never came out and asked for money, but desire was there. When I saw her email on the 8th of April, I was very surprised when I read she missed me, she was coming to visit in late May, and also informed me her birthday is very close, and she wanted a present! I emailed her back, told her I was surprised to hear from her, and asked what she wanted for a birthday I got another email she said she would like 150..00usd for new dress and shoes, but she could also buy something sweet for another 200.00usd, and went on to tell me she will be staying with me upon arrival, she wants to give me sweet nights,lots of kisses, and lots of happiness. Also she wants my photos, my number for more communication, I suppose she forgot I know she has young daughter!!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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