Scam report about Nataliia Belousova

First name:  Nataliia
Last name:  Belousova
Age:  31
Location:  Ukraine, krasnodon
On websites:  Russian Cupid
Report:  I meet this person and Russian Cupid I started the conversation as soon as we start talking her profile disappear in the beginning I find it it was okay the later and find out it was not okay. After a week or so I told her that I was interested in see her in person and she said it was a great idea but it was only one problem she needed $220 for her taxi that way we can meet in Kiev. Since we mention the money that's always she talks about a 20-minute sending her money that she need the money right away that will we can meet in that start sounds to me suspicious. All of a sudden she miss me she loves me very much and she cannot stay away from me who I found a little bit strange because I don't have the feelings for her even though she looks like a model. When I told her I was not going to send you the money until I can see her on Skype, vibe or whatsapp she became very upset. I was not able to find it here but now I realize that she's a scam.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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