First name: Elena
Age: 30
Location: Syktyvkar, Russia
Email: Elena
Report:     This woman sent my personal email account a letter introducing herself. I took the bait and responded. She responded to my first lette and we began a correspondence. Things seemed to be okay but after two letters between us on the third letter I had problems with my email that I use to respond to people I'm unsure about so I sent her the letter using my business and main email account. She sent me a letter this morning which was identical word for word to the first one she sent me a week ago. I assume she really didn't read my 3rd letter but just saw a different email address and figured it was a new mark. We didn't correspond enough for her to request any money or anything for that matter but I am sure that would have been her next step. Its only because she sent me an identical letter as a week before as a first letter introducing herself which aroused suspicion especially when in my letter I told her at the end that I was having problems sending her mail from my account
Status of report: is still without proof