Scam report about ogboni marie

First name:  ogboni
Last name:  marie
Age:  26
Location:  benin et cotonou
On websites:  vivatreet
Report:  I was swindled from 2013 in 2016 by an African Marie Ogboni and her guys accomplices like her brother Samson Renaud Mahugnon Ogboni domiciled in Cotonou in Benin that I lost nearly 6000 euros, I could join you by email their photos, addresses Mail addresses, IP addresses and IDs, mobile numbers, postal addresses, email information but I would need your email address to contact me in French, I have already complained to the police since 2014 but the scam artists are not yet arrested and Still remain untraceable I need you to unmask them and send the actual solid evidence to the French police of Paris and INTERPOL I am waiting for your mail written in French Regards, Patrice BOUCHAUD 9a rue de benedigues 33170 GRADIGNAN LA FRANCE IP address Address ID Marie OGBONI> Message sent with Mailer 1.0 and IP and IP Postal address 14 avenue saint cluzet 00229 COTONOU BENIN Mobile numbers 022997129600 022997824609 022962031261 0681481048 0642215352 0670593790 Facebook: Marie FreezyFresh and Marie Bouchaud His accomplices: IP with IP 2a: 00: 1450: 400c: c09: 0: 0: 0: 234

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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