Scam report about Katerina Trubacheva

First name:  Katerina
Last name:  Trubacheva
Age:  32
Location:  Yekaterinburg, Russia
Address:  UL . Bazhova 125, Yekaterinburg, Russia 62075
Phone:  7 (922) 116 6442.
Email:  Katerina [ ]]
On websites:  face book
Report:  Katerina approached me by e/mail(Katerina [] on March 17th copied to on March 27th I got a reply to my answer . she replied using this e/mail address Katerina []I got very suspicious as 3 different e/mail addresses were used so I played along until April 14th when she asked for money (439.89 euro)to buy air plane tickets to come and live with me promising to be a good wife and starting a family and have plenty of children!!! I ended our relationship on April 20th. FYI she will never answer questions and she kept making mistakes on her e/mails like thanking me for my lovely pictures which I never send but what confirmed my suspicion is the fact that this scammer gave an address of the travel agency in French writing. I was bred and born in France and that shows that this scam operates as well in france. the name give to cash in the money in Money gram refer to Katerina Trubacheva . In face book it is a completely different person with different photos that the ones I have received.and after research I found out that she lives in Kotlas a town in Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia and not in Yekaterinburg Gents be aware this person is the usual russian scammer

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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