Scam report about Viktoriya Troschina

First name:  Viktoriya
Last name:  Troschina
Age:  30
Location:  Russia Arzamas
Address:  Arzamas. Kalinina Street, 33. 607220
On websites:
Report:  Scammer met me on an online dating website, sent me her email address. The next day her profile was removed from the website. We spoke by email over several weeks, all the time keeping an eye out for signs of a scam. I was able to check the scammers IP address and contacted the ISP who confirmed that this is not the name of the IP address user. The scammer had asked me to send $1,190 USD so that she can fly to my country. I advised her that money can be saved for an will not take many weeks to obtain. I refused to provide any money and she continued to ask and make up excuses. I found the same details matching a scammer on an archived page on a dating fraud website. After she requested the money from me several times I stopped responding to her emails. She continued to attempt to play on my emotions and I refused to reply further.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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