Scam report about Tatiana Alikina

First name:  Tatiana
Last name:  Alikina
Age:  42
Location:  Russia, Ivanovo
Address:  ulica Kuznetsova 15/7
On websites:
Report:  It seems I have problems with scammer. We spoke on email for about two months and found like we want to meet. First she invited me to her home but I couldn`t because haven`t enough money and time to visit her. And she made decision she will come to me but she need help with paying for traveling. And I helped her with amount a little less than half she needed. After she went in Moscow where she has her aunt and stayed there. Two days before traveling she went on embassy to get visa and there they told her she has not enough money to travel in my country, that she need 100 euros per day. Before she,,,,,,,,7s gone to Moscow thought will come to visit me for one month. After she found decision will come to me for two weeks. And when she came from embassy sent me email and told me she hasnt enough money for trip and nedded help from me. She had 500 euros and I sent her 900 euros. I sent this amount across MoneyGram. And she could not pick up this money because she isn`t on rightarea. I don`t know why. And she gave me name of her aunt because she can get this sum. And than I`ve got information of her aunt. She is Lyudmila Gumennaya and have also her adress. And I started to be a little suspicious but not enough. And sent this sum today. We spoke across email and she said will send me next email later but now passed more than 10 hours and didn`t get any email. I saw also a plane ticket she sent me picture and I checked is this trip real and YES, it`s real. And all was for me ok, because there was time, name of customer, she must change date to come to me, because embassy didn`t alowed to go to me 3 days ago and on card I saw that she had exchange date, but as I don`t get any email back went on internet and found this site. And now I`m trying to figure is this true or not. Your site saying isn`t true, that she is scammer, hmmm...

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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