Scam report about Martha Love

First name:  Martha
Last name:  Love
Age:  30
Location:  Ghana
On websites:  Email, and hangouts
Report:  This Martha will call her/him, contacted me through my email and invited me to hangouts of course so to see this played out, I went, only to last 10 minutes at most! Wow, these African are into porn...and as you see by the email address given me, it's a couple of initials then long number..I guess after they all over there use up every name and what not they can, they switch to long ass numbers...time to start changing for email accounts again I guess, this would stop them if their scams when they don't bring in the bucks, then food stuff as they call it won't get in the, this shit is to funny.!!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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