Scam report about Lina Rudenko

First name:  Lina
Last name:  Rudenko
Aka:  Lin Koln
Age:  33
Location:  Ukraine, kiev
On websites:  Bridge of love, jump4love, vavabrides, romance compass, toplop, victoria brides victoria hearts, the
Report:  Ive been trying to meet and figure out who is the real Lina. I have communicated with Lina on 5 sites at the same time all claim they are her but none are the same women. The sites claim shes been verified but that is impossible. One of the Lina's requested money for a plane ticket to come visit.she had planned to come but stated her purse was stolen and needed money to pay for her ticket. This just took place I requested that she email me back with the amount needed and to include a picture taken holding up a paper with my name written to try to verify if she is the real Lina.I am very suspicious about her request however I have been communicating with her on and off for about 8 months and do like her but I do not know if she is real or not, I am not sure if her request is legitimate or if its a scam. Im not sure yet who has been on the other end of my communications, but if she is who she states and this is a legitimate request I will be very happy but due to the facts Ive stated I am not sure what to beleive. I just know that asking for money is a red flag.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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