Scam report about Vivian Lewis

First name:  Vivian
Last name:  Lewis
Age:  31
Location:  Austin , Texas: United States of America
On websites:
Report:  The scammers name is Vivian Lewis. She is on the dating website Tagged. When I clicked yes for liking her the website gave me an option to send her an automatic message so I just sent hello. she sent me a message back pretty quickly. We talked a little bit. The whole time I kept having a feeling that I've seen her somewhere before. Eventually she asked me did I have Google Hangouts. I said yeah. I said give me your Gmail and I'll add you. So she did and I did. We talked for a few days and eventually she said that she needed some money. I asked her why and she said that she has to get medicine because she went to the doctor for an ear infection and there was something wrong with her insurance. The insurance wouldn't pay for her medicine so she needed $200. I told her, don't you know I'm Italian. We created the hustle and you can't hustle a hustler. But she kept on asking day after day. During this period that she was asking for the money everyday it clicked where exactly I knew her from. The photos that she sent we're actually photos of a pornstar name Danielle Delaunay. No I don't frequent porn sites and I'm not a huge porn watcher.The reason I knew is because the pornstar Danielle Delaunay was actually born in my hometown of Bossier City,Louisiana. So I played with her little bit because I knew she was fake and promised her some money but never sent it and stuff. Then finally I exposed her for what she was and she left me alone.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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