Scam report about Arina Aryasova

First name:  Arina
Last name:  Aryasova
Age:  45
Location:  Russia
Address:  Rossosh
On websites:  Fun Over 50
Report:  Arina is very convincing. Seemed so genuine and her photos were very well done and looked professional. Was a little suspicious to begin with, I mean who has 35 photos that they can send someone. She used to email every evening after being at work all day. Told me about her day and weekends. One of the photos was her with her Mother and grown up daughter. She must be the best scammer out there and certainly had me fooled until she said she could not get the travel by installments loan approved because she did not earn enough. She was also turned down for a bank loan because she would not be allowed to leave Russia with an outstanding debt.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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