Scam report about Rose Adam

First name:  Rose
Last name:  Adam
Age:  23
Location:  Nigeria Ife-Ile
On websites:  facebook
Report:  Facebook: January 2017 / private message asking me if I could sponsor her. That she had lost her dad and was illegal in United States. She was living in Clinton, N.C. She had no money and was living with a black man named Odessa Brunson. I sent money to money gram in Clinton, N.C. in his name. She was from Australia. She traveled back to Nigeria at the end of January. Asked for money to help with her hotel fees. She was going there to claim her dead fathers inheritance. Staying at the Di Ganga in Ife-Ile, Osun. She became ill and was in hospital for malaria. I told her that the hospital could send a bill through my email before I made a payment. She then told me that it was free. She did not have to pay for anything. She was in a hospital in Ibadan. She now tells me that her dad was a Nigerian and her mother was from Australia. They split up and her mother went to England and left her father because of his smoking pot and cheating. She stayed with her father and they came to America on a passport and visa in 2009. Her dad died in 2013 and she was on her own. She contacted me in 2017 asking for help. She uses wifi on her phone to make contact.She wants to come back to America but I refused to pay for a ticket. I quit wiring her money in April. She still makes contact through texting from her phone number and now skype. She sent me several pictures. I wired her $3600.00 from January to April to help her. I quit the end of April. She claims to have a job now at the University in Ife-Ile. She was on messenger and fb and her page was deleted 6 times. She would contact me each time she started a new fb page. She is supposedly no longer on fb and uses skype to communicate with me.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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