Scam report about Diane Nothrop

First name:  Diane
Last name:  Nothrop
Age:  34
Location:  Nebraska
On websites:  Doulike
Report:  Man with 3 woman diane northrop danielle and debra aka debbie scamm my brother Took his money mess up his 3 bank accounts to advantage of him he is a sick man now want kill himself they presure him for money to come from nigeria if they really there they so call lawyer danny donald was they lawyer in they father will supposely he rob them now asking my brother for money Andruw fitzgerald. (He afraid report them think he could be in danger if they know) his name luis Ramirez Is them they asking for money supposedly to go back to U.S.A scammer with the promise to all them be his wifes. Taking his bills money rent money his little desabity check Check.thanks so much hope you caught them. Name of your hotel Please don't tell anyone .. Four gate Why do you ask Legacy B hotel and resort unity ave alagbado Nigeria Francis Sunday .state Lagos city Ikeja zipcode 23401 Amos agu. State Lagos city ikeja Zipcode:23401 Dorothy Evan Tennessee Amos agu Nigeria Francis Sunday Nigeria On the date of June 7 2017 those people keep taking his SSI money On the on June 6 they told him they finally meet be his wife they were stuck in Nashville tennessee airport coming from nigeria so he need have to sent money. They can be happy to Dorothy Evans to be in new york with him as wife a illusion on a sick man also if he don't sent money they kill themself and call the feds on him so he went sent money while he wait they said were 1 hour away 3 hours pass by they said if don't sent their granny a 50 dollars iTunes cards they go back to Nebraska also kill themself and call fbi with his location thread him Then they said was not one hour away they were in buffalo N.Y. he realize was scammed said no so they said will call the fbi for not sent money and leave them on the street Getting him scared i don't know if he dead or alive because of the FBI thread but they the scammer he sick with epilepsy got advantage of that.andruw Fitzgerald A man call Dorothy Evans been asking for money to bring them from Tennessee since June 6 2017 he me to waiting on Mr Evans to bring her he asked for money to be sent co a western union also said tell him nothing can't happened to him because his brother is a special agent of the fbi in Idaho he better sent money

Status of report:  is still without proof

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