Scam report about Donna Botchner

First name:  Donna
Last name:  Botchner
Age:  35
Location:  Boise, Idaho, USA
Address:  Donna Bochner, 7230 Fairview Ave, PD-ID-3661, Boise. ID
On websites:  Hotmail & Google
Report:  This report deals with Donna Botchner a Mingle 2 client who is using photos stolen from the net. Real heartbreaker story this one. The poor girl was beaten and abused in bed by her drink and drug addicted husband, the man later whilst drunk driving killed himself and her two young children in a car crash. She sent me two photos of her with a dreadful looking face, bruised and crying, I found from searches that the lady whose photos she had stolen seems to publicize everything that she does on the net even to the times that she is wearing no make up and goes to the lavatory. Donna has a jewelry and gold store but sadly is behind with her house rent and she asked me to help her with $3600.00 to pay her debt. I said I would do this if she would send me some intimate photos of her to prove that she loved me and that her fundamental parts that her husband had abused were still useable. She obviously does love me very much as the photos arrived along with her personal home address and her full banking details for me to make the transfer. She will repay me when she receives a $ payment that is due to her from her husband?s Oil Field work. The intimate pictures are also stolen from the porn pages

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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