Scam report about Mavis Agbi

First name:  Mavis
Last name:  Agbi
Age:  33
Location:  Colombus, Ohio
Phone:  614 686-4298
On websites:  Ashley Madison
Report:  Very friendly, wanting to know way too much personal info too quicky including whether I own a house, alleging unemployed, yet living with grandfather with ailing health and states parents died when she 10 years. Presently states she is now going overseas with a Church missions group working with UNICEF. She is very vague about personal details and fails to respond to direct questions posed in email or text. 1st scam is for $250 for Apple Card for ebook and music Then looks for more cash for car repaires...attempt to get $1400...for lube,oil and filter, plus gear fluid change, Then to an LCD SCREEN for apple iphone 7... When opportunity to meet statedvshecwas going overseas for 3 months with Ghana I believe she is Jennifer BROWN 32 years from photo on this very similar to one sent to me

Status of report:  is still without proof

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