Scam report about Juliet sweet

First name:  Juliet
Last name:  sweet
Age:  37
Location:  Ghana but not sure
On websites:  google hangouts
Report:  Juliet sweet she tried to scam of $220 and asked me to send it to her so she can travel . I said no I don't know you very well and have some respect. then she asked my what am I doing this weekend. I said on the 4th I'm going to beecher fireworks I said be with me on the 4th she said she needed my help getting her here. I have no information on where she lives.. I Said we cant chat then I said I gotta go or split. then she said ok whatever she really did not care what she was doing by that remark she said it was my fault ,I said I just wanted to see what she would say, she wanted to chat more I in sisted that we are thru.she came from google you can follow her there her volcabulary was bad she said am instead of I am. blank.... 5

Status of report:  is still without proof

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