Scam report about Alesya Borisenko

First name:  Alesya
Last name:  Borisenko
Aka:  Lesya
Age:  29 born 28.07.1988
Location:  kharkiv
On websites:  Ukranian models of Kiev5
Report:  This scammer starving to death without any dignity changes continuously her name and date of birth.The last version is Svetlana Dronova born on 93,but was also Alesya Borisenko 29 yo 28.07.1988 from Kharkiv kulynichi was also Lesya Arsenich born 01.01.1988 with several emails.In her scamming activity to fraud without minimum of retein presents fake Passporte,faque visa,faque pics and stamps.Pay attention because as starving to death for her everything is useful to ask money.She informed me before leaving that forgot to close after douch a tap licking water creating big damages and retired her the Passport to leave loosing also the possibility fly,with necessity of a new ticket to buy. One on the worst scammer because sh3 has not a minimum of moral.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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