Scam report about Margo 

First name:  Margo
Age:  36
Location:  Krasnyi Luch, Lugansk region, Ukraine
Report:  Another one who tries to get me to wire money Hi dear Eddy! So unpleasant to read your letter .. I think that this will be my last letter! I do not see that you are serious about me! Because I thought you were my man! My man must take care of me. Do not play games ... No! I do not want to take your money, no. I am a hardworking woman, I have always worked and will work. Yes, I get not a decent and small salary. I'm not guilty that I live such a life! Because I have no options! I have a salary for my needs. You live in another world, on another planet. You do not know how to live in a war .. I thought you were my close friend, so I told you about my problems !!! I believed you ... You can eat good food, wear beautiful clothes, and your girl sits in a bomb shelter and does not have a penny to buy food. So, I decided to ask you to help me leave all this terrible horror, create a family, live in love and happiness .. Make my man the happiest! And be a happy woman! I've decided about it, and now I see you do not care about it, You want to go the easy way, without understanding and helping, it's your life and your choice .. I saw your smart, intelligent, attractive man, I sincerely I thought that we could be a good couple, but everything was fine before I asked you for help. I do not know, and I do not want to know about your past, I had a bad relationship, and I was deceived several times .. Thank you my dear, you gave me another lesson that you can not trust and open your soul to people !!! But it was our past, we need to see in the future and start a new page in our life ... I'm sure that I can find a man who will really make me happy for life and save me from this terrible war! That's it this man will forever be my hero! I wish you happiness and wish you all the best ... I just want you to know that the relationship is not to share good moments, but bad too. I was sure that you are my man ... But you showed me your other side ... All the best Margo Hello, my man Eddy!!! How are you? Can not you transfer money to me on a dress ?? Ask someone. Even in my city in a military situation there are such money transfers. I woke up today with a thought for you! And since the morning I was happy! Do you think there is a continuation in our relationship ??? I think yes! Because all this is not accidental! And we were introduced to fate! Do you sometimes think of me in the day's curiosity ??? I think about you often at work. The other day I was cutting fish and cooking it for baking. And then you came to my head ... and a broad smile appeared on my face. I really get happy from thinking about you! And in the end I dreamed about you and remembered your lines and your words to me! And cut a finger! You represent ?? Thoughts from you make me suffer! Lol! ( I'm kidding!)) In fact, I'm very glad that I am visited by such thoughts about you ... This is the only thing that now makes me happy !!! How are you??? Everything is fine??? Have you already thought or planned our meeting? Do you really want this ??? My dear ... I know that I am able to make you a very happy man! What do you think about it????? I do not need much! I need your love! Margo

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