Scam report about Zeliha Diamond

First name:  Zeliha
Last name:  Diamond
Age:  31
Location:  turquia Aankara
On websites:  si
Report:  !! Hello !! For months, she has sent me a message about a woman who says she loves me and wants to come and meet me, but she has asked for a high amount of money to do her papers and travel to me, and I suspect it is a scam. This is the last letter she wrote to me today Zeliha Diamond For Juan pablo Yusta vicente today at 8:22 Hello my love, Juan I am very glad to hear from you. I knew our meeting is very important to you too. I love you and I really want to be with you. For me, our meeting is very important, we just have to meet, it will take a new step in our communication and our relationship. Today I was in a travel agency, and I learned everything I needed. I need to get a tourist visa, passport and other travel documents for you. I'll have a tourist visa. This visa can be obtained quickly and without problems (for a tourist visa, less effort, less time and less paperwork is required). I gave you the necessary documents for the visa and the passport (photo, link, medical insurance, and many other documents). My dear visa in your country is 120 dollars. The passport costs $ 70 and Other documents $ 200. This is necessary in total I for the registration of all documents $ 390. My love, can you help me with this money? As it is very important to me. I'll buy the tickets myself. Today I spoke with the boss at work, and he told me he would give me a cash prize for a good job. And with this prize, I can pay the tickets, and I can go to you. My love, I really hope you can help me with the money for the paperwork. And it will be your contribution to our meeting. And I will pay other expenses myself. Do you understand me, my dear? I look forward to your understanding and your help, as well as our meeting. I love you. In addition, for me, a medical examination to obtain permission to travel to another country that needs to go. All these procedures, I will happen within 2-4 days. And give him the agency. Registration and passport and visa will take 4-7 working days. I have to pay for all these documents in 1-2 days. Once given to my travel documents, for 8-10 days, I will get all the necessary documents to travel to you. I will keep you informed of the training documents. I am so happy that I will soon come to you. And I see your beautiful country and city. Are you glad that our meeting takes place soon as our dreams and wishes become a reality? Now I have to go. And I finish the letter. Today I am so happy, and I have a wonderful mood. I'll wait for your letter, my love. All my kisses and all my love just for you! Your Zeliha. Traductor de Google para empresas:Google Translator ToolkitTraductor de sitios web

Status of report:  is still without proof

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