Scam report about Babatunde Rachael

First name:  Babatunde
Last name:  Rachael
Aka:  Babatundebelle
Age:  27
Location:  26th Miami Florida 33123 ((AkA)) Nigeria Osun 22Eden rd
Phone:  unknown+2348115685956
On websites:  Migle2 and WhatsApp
Report:  I met this person on a dating website called me go to where we exchange information to go offline on to WhatsApp or we could make international calls for free to one another as well as pictures long story short I was made to believe that our family mom and dad to be exact gave her these diamonds to her grandmother before they passed away and or were killed and also she needed money for school about $400 to get money transfer from Nigeria where she was going to school for 3 months back to the United States where she was originally from I have copies of her passport all these false documents I believe are false about documentation she needed in order to travel from Nigeria to Paris back to the United States with her diamonds she was keeping him side of the bank as she claims I have pictures of these diamonds I have pictures of the documents documents that she saw called had to pay for with the money I sent her unfortunately I did not send her the $400 for her school but I did end up sending her at least $1,500 over a period of time through MoneyGram and Western Union mostly MoneyGram also she asked me for iTune cards to sell to make money to get back to the US she was supposed to be in school for 3 months those three months since have been up basically she's been lying and manipulating her way into my pocket and always has an excuse for everything I have every document she ever sent me about these diamonds I have every pictures you ever sent me of her so I have a copy of her passport your grandmother's address if that is really her grandmother's address I have her supervisor from school phone number as well as the school he works at in Nigeria he was the one she's so call ask for help about a lot of things like going to Western Union to pick up money I sent her and MoneyGram as well as no more other things that I find very unbelievable I have so much stuff on this girl I just want my money back and I want for her to be prosecuted and I want this to never happen to anyone else it's a long complicated story but I have to prove to prove every single thing that I am saying.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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