SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Ekaterina Solovieva

First name: Ekaterina
Last name: Solovieva
Age: 36
Location: Russia, Cheboksary, 428017
Address: Pirogova 4
On websites: Russian Cupid
Report:     I have been corresponding with this woman for almost three months. In the beginning she was OK to correspond with, but only after about two weeks she started to say how lovely I was and that she was in love with me. She told me a story that she had been scammed by a French man who actually was married and she found out when she went to him outside of Paris. She knocked on the door and another woman opened the door. After only four weeks she wanted me to send her money (450 Euro) for a part payment of a ticket and a Visa. According to her she had already payed 500 Euro. When I tell her that I want to send her money, but I want to see her passport or a drivers license. She gets very angry. Now I have told her that the bank do want to see a picture of her and her passport if they should transfer money to her in Russia. She got very upset and absolutely refused to show any kind of ID. When I asked her, why she is making such a big deal of this. She said: - I am only showing my passport at western union when I collect the money from you. When I go recollect in my memory, there are so many things that points toward a typical scammer. She does not care about anything except when I was going to send her money. I told her that I can order her plane ticket, then it was a NO NO. She said that she can do it herself. The story ended when I did not send her any money and she got angry and called me a fake and a cheater.
Status of report: is still without proof