First name: Lian
Last name: Barhling
Aka: Michelle Mclaskey
Age: 30
Location: Buena Park, USA
Address: : Michelle Mclaskey Address: 3454 Union st #433 Levant, Maine 04456 Country: United States & 3454 Union st #433 Levant, Maine 04456
Phone: +1(607)882-7141
On websites: Google
Report:     Report deals with Lian Barhling a Singles Dating World client who first contacted me at that site. I am unable to find her at any sites except one Russian site which I am unable to translate but it deals with names and addresses etc. She would be easy to find if there, as she is badly cross eyed, lol. I believe she is a new scammer. We moved our chat to Gmail and hangouts where she told me she had been left lots of properties in the States, we chatted and it wasn?t long before we were in love and had an uncontrollable desire to be with each other, kkkkkk. She then asked me for $350.00 to be sent to her sister by Moneygram so she could stock up with food. I broke contact at this stage of the game.
Status of report: is published in main database with photos