Scam report about Olesya Koftun, Kovtun

First name:  Olesya
Last name:  Koftun, Kovtun
Age:  33
Location:  Moscow, St Petersburg
Address:  101000, 143032
Phone:  +79676310737
On websites:  russiandating
Report:  Currently, Talking to her. Her demands are raised to 2 300. She implicates Vladmir Putin.. Her email today.. 'You changed me with some whore which has a child. My father, his friends and Putin do not forgive traitors. The father tells me always the phrase: if the person deceived you 1 time, the person will deceive you and for the second time. Therefore Putin the head of Russia her forgives traitors. He says goodbye to him forever. But I am not Putin. I can give you the second chance (12 times). Pay $2300 through wsestern union addressed to my father TODAY. And I will tell the father that you are the person of HONOUR AND CONSCIENCE! 1) I undertake to communicate with you in skype EVERY DAY. 2) I make out a trip to Singapore through the travel agency, without options, only through agency. 3) I will be able to love you and I will be able to make you rich. but I need the FAITHFUL MAN. If you made a mistake, stumbled, confess, improve, I will understand. Do not offer me the bad options, I WILL not ACCEPT them. Only all on honest and on justice. Tomorrow the price will be $3000 because I WANT JUSTICE!'

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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