SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Carmelia Varvara

First name: Carmelia
Last name: Varvara
Age: 34
Location: Romania
On websites: Russian
Report:     She claimed that she worked in a clerical job, steady, but pay was poor. After a period of lengthy correspondence we agreed to meet for Christmas in Bucharest. She had a car and lived some 200 KM from Bucharest, but was happy to meet me at the airport. She asked me where I would like to eat on Christmas day, so I said reasonably close to the hotel where I had made a reservation. She told me it was all fixed and a table reserved for us at a nice restaurant. subsequently I found out that this restaurant was closed during the winter months. On the day she was due to collect me from the airport, she claimed that her battery had failed,and she did not think that she had enough money for the 200 km journey to the capital. 'I'm sorry darling,but please can you help me out, otherwise our Christmas will be ruined' - she was right about that, I spent Christmas alone in Bucharest, the rotten bitch! I of course sent some funds to assist her in her journey, but she did not arrive at the airport,which was around midnight arrival time. I waited and then got a taxi to my hotel, and thought (at the time) that she would phone me or simply arrive at the hotel; of course she didn't! Happy Christmas
Status of report: is still without proof