Scam report about Ruzhdi Ismail

First name:  Ruzhdi
Last name:  Ismail
Aka:  Fatme
Age:  27
Location:  Bulgaria, veliko city area
Phone:  +359 89 776 8226
Email:  Unknown
On websites:  Ee dates
Report:  Met on EE dates. Communication was for about 6 weeks. Everything went great. We video chatted and everything so I had no suspicions. Talked me into sending her money for visa, passport and plane ticket to come visit. She immediately sent me pictures of them that looked very legit.. No reason to suspect she was fake. A week before her trip here she claimed she needed insurance to fly and it costs 600 dollars. I knew that sounded fake so I called and no insurance was required to travel. I informed her of this and she stated it must have been a misunderstanding. She spent the next week acting excited for the trip and telling me how much this all meant to her. Very convincing. The day of the trip another emergency. They won't let her check into her flight because she owes money for a car crash that happened 3 years ago. She needs 790 dollars or she can't come. Once again completely false. Lays it on very thick that if I loved her I'd do this because the trip means so much to her. I asked her to send me a picture of her at the airport and she sent two pictures of people walking, not her. I googled the images and they are of the Sofia airport and posted three years ago so once again, completely false. Avoid like the plague. A soul less bitch who is very good at pulling your heart strings. Fortunately I got real images of her so hopefully I can prevent someone else from the same fate.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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