Scam report about janet ira

First name:  janet
Last name:  ira
Age:  32
Location:  Queens, new york, usa
On websites:
Report:  Janet its emailed me intro herself and within couple emails declared she loves me and wanted me to promise I loved her deeply she wanted to come to England within few emails and marry me, said and asked me to go into business with her immediately asking if i have money saved how much i earn and what investments can I sell to invest in her new business WITHOUT answering what type business she said at moment works in a small store so doesn't have all money to come marry me and can I help THIS IS MAJOR CONTRADICTION of her finances as she want to be partner and run new business was more interested in what money I had before getting to ask about me and wanted go into business and marry me calling me husband before shed even met me its ridiculously a scam and she's too good looking which doesn't proove anything but she can find guy in new York when I think you must have a problem or be gay not to want to marry her going to email photos seperately to you

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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