Scam report about Aurica Ignat

First name:  Aurica
Last name:  Ignat
Aka:  Aura aura angel amelie
Age:  28
Location:  Romania bucharest
On websites:  Myfreecams livejasmin
Report:  This girl is deceitful and lying, but her extiorior will let you believe she is sweet and loving and in need of a man who will take her away from her oh so boring life she hates. She will lead you on for as long as possible, letting you think she will be with you. She will ask for westerns, bank transfers she will even meet you I. Her own country to prove that she is real. For 4 years I have liased with her, and met her in Romania, she had me at a place where I believed that we were getting married. This year was do or die, she was all set saying she was coming and was doing visa, but as soon as I pushed harder, she went off her head saying it's over. This is the third time she has done it to me, yep, I'm a sucker for punishment. But that's how good she is, she will imply that's she is just scared leaving, but she will need some money for food and rent. But if you sneak into her social accounts you find she is sunbaking in Malta. Which will lead you to believe she has a few guys on the scam. She will chose certain times of the day to liase with you, those times will never change,because you are in her sceduale. Once she hangs up phone to you, she is onto another guy. Thousands of dollars I'm down and more importantly 4 years wasted. But I don't trust any site these days......I will be taking this one al the way with international fraud and scam agencies etc. so the outcome will be so she cannot travel from her country, and can't scam anymore men. Go see how sweet she can be and how convincing an act she can put on to trick you into a deep hole

Status of report:  is still without proof

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